Capricorn - Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about capricorn man and sagittarius woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Capricorn zodiac sign and a girl with Sagittarius sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of capricorn & sagittarius zodiac signs. All about Capricorn Sagittarius compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

The relationship between the Sagittarius woman and the Capricorn man is a difficult to work out combination but it does have its fair share of rewards as well. Capricorn male needs emotional security from the relationship, while Sagittarius woman simply prefers to enjoy and live it.

Sagittarius (F) - Capricorn (M) Characteristic traits

The Capricorn man is pragmatic and an intelligent person. He is a dreamer and aims high but never loses the connection with reality. He always chose the tried and tested path instead of a risky plan. The Sagittarius female is an honest individual and always calls a spade a spade, which might be uncomfortable sometimes. She is very independent in nature and family occupies only a small part of her life.

Sagittarius (F) - Capricorn (M) Sex & Marriage

In the sexual bonding between the two, the initial intimacy is a story of shaky touches, powerful passions and magnetic closeness to each other. The discovery of each other by the Sagittarius woman and the Capricorn man may cause an explosive moment of sexual bliss both physically as well as emotionally.

Sagittarius (F) - Capricorn (M) Family & Children

The Capricorn father wants much love, affection and admiration from his children. He expects a lot from them. He is intense and patient with them. The Sagittarius mom is spontaneous and offers a lot of fun for the children to enjoy and relish.

Sagittarius (F) - Capricorn (M) Friendship

The Sagittarius female and the Capricorn male might see only problems in each other at the beginning. The Sagittarius woman will find Capricorn man to be mundane, and the Capricorn would consider her to be wild and reckless.

Sagittarius (F) - Capricorn (M) at Work

The Sagittarius loves to do things just to satisfy his zeal, while the Capricorn’s actions are always meant towards achieving their goals. They form a beneficial team when the mutual admiration and loyalty develop between the two.

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