Capricorn - Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about capricorn man and cancer woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Capricorn zodiac sign and a girl with Cancer sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of capricorn & cancer zodiac signs. All about Capricorn Cancer compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a doomed to fail relationship.

The characteristic traits of Capricorn and Cancer are just opposite. However, a pairing between Capricorn male and Cancer female still works out somehow. They both support each other and feel the need for lasting togetherness. Loyalty and affection comes naturally to both and generally they make a decent couple!

Capricorn (M) - Cancer (F) Characteristic traits

Capricorn male is an aspirant creature who’s strongly dedicated to reach the peak through his efforts and courage. He is reserved and dominating in nature A Cancer lady is full of elegance and sensitivity with an ultimate feminism that makes her popular. She holds the capacity to adjust to any situations and still be patient.

Capricorn (M) - Cancer (F) Sex & Marriage

The Capricorn male might have a rigid external texture but as he comes in touch with the lovely Cancer dame, he showcases his gentle persona. Since both take relationship quite seriously and value permanence. Their sexual mating is highly intense and intoxicating.

Capricorn (M) - Cancer (F) Family & Children

Both have to be more sensible and modest while handling the emotions of each other. As parents they are highly dedicated and ferociously protective. Their children are decent and well behaved.

Capricorn (M) - Cancer (F) Friendship

With all the similar traits and supporting factors, there are inevitable differences that create rifts between Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer is too sensitive while Capricorns are rudely practical. Also Cancer is vocal while Capricorns think it’s silly to give voice to their feelings.

Capricorn (M) - Cancer (F) at Work

This duo makes superbly successful business associates and creates an empire to cherish which others would envy. The Cancer should remember that once the Capricorns decide on something, then it is practically impossible to stop him.

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