Aquarius - Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about aquarius man and capricorn woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Aquarius zodiac sign and a girl with Capricorn sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of aquarius & capricorn zodiac signs. All about Aquarius Capricorn compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: This star sign combination shares a normal relationship.

There can be quite a bit of surprise in the relationship of the Capricorn female and the Aquarius male. However, the Capricorn female’s personality trait is an earthy sultriness and the attachment to the person she loves. On the other hand, Aquarius male has a lot of detachment in his attitude.

Capricorn (F) - Aquarius (M) Characteristic traits

The Aquarius man is very true to his commitment. He can foresee the past, present and future all in one single vision. He is able to consider all of these things and can achieve commendable results. The Capricorn woman is highly self-dependent, with clarity of opinions and ideas. She is very smart and courageous enough to handle all situations without being overtly emotional.

Capricorn (F) - Aquarius (M) Sex & Marriage

The sexual relationship of these two star signs is a blend of both imagination and realism. The Aquarius man is ever so changing and so is his style of love making. He enjoys long hours of making love and gives his entire soul. Capricorn lady believes completely in satisfying episodes of sexual intimacy.

Capricorn (F) - Aquarius (M) Family & Children

The Aquarius Man is intelligent, socializing and independence seeking person. They treat every individual they meet in a very special way. They take some time before falling in love and cannot escape away from commitment thereafter. The Capricorn mother likes discipline, set routines, organizing her work. She also wants her children to learn the value of financial security so they become self-sustaining and independent.

Capricorn (F) - Aquarius (M) Friendship

They are adamant people and friendship can occur only when they learn to mutually respect each other. The Capricorn’s persistence might clash with the Aquarius’s visionary approach towards things.

Capricorn (F) - Aquarius (M) at Work

Once they overcome their disagreements, they can form a successful team. While the Capricorn is always eager to start new things, the Aquarius provides adequate support with his logical thinking and innovation.

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