Aquarius - Aries Zodiac Compatibility

Know all about aquarius man and aries woman zodiac compatibility. How compatible is a guy with Aquarius zodiac sign and a girl with Aries sign? Love, relationship, family, work report of aquarius & aries zodiac signs. All about Aquarius Aries compatibility.

Nature of Relationship: A relation between female Aries and male Aquarius is difficult to sustain if only one person’s decision need to be followed.

Aries woman wants to be obeyed and Aquarius man gets guided by his own will. Aries woman wants emotions to influence the relationship in a romantic way but Aquarius man is too practical to understand all this.

Aries (F) – Aquarius (M) Characteristic traits

Aquarius man has no set of defined paths in life, in spite of facing similar situations again and again his reaction will be different to the same situation every time. However Aries woman is pretty much tactical and documents every move so that she can re-use it in future in similar situations and she can better put her energy onto new things.

Aries (F) – Aquarius (M) Sex & Marriage

Aries female is happy and content with Aquarius man’s unconventional style of dealing with sex. Marriage will work out somehow but eternal satisfaction may be missing.

Aries (F) – Aquarius (M) Family & children

Aries female will always try to sprinkle essence of tranquility in the household for the benefit of the kids. Aquarius man is as good as professors in educating his children. The two will together form a happy family.

Aries (F) – Aquarius (M) Friendship

Friendship between Aries female and Aquarius man is no less than a precious gift. Aquarius man will give a much desired lift to the dreams of Aries woman, who in turn will honor Aquarius man with everything she has.

Aries (F) – Aquarius (M) at Work

Aries female and Aquarius male are both ambitious and are bound to succeed. However there are chances that both of them may not be able to look in depth at certain issues and this can make them dive in hot waters.

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