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Your Love Is Like Ecstasy

User : Craven
Submitted on : Nov 2, 2009
Drowning in the ocean of you and through the warmth of the water, your eyes are the only ones I see.

Your eyes feel like a warm breath taking ray of light.

Your smile weakens my face from a frown to a smile.

I could live on your body, like an island that is all mines.

Your conversations are like fragrance to my ears.

I would freeze the world and rise with you.

I'm so overwhelmed in you; to the point that no other person will suit me.

I could fly to you on angle's wings just to have one sweet kiss from your lips.

Just the thought of your eyes, my heart begins to over pump.

Had I had the genie in the lamp I'd wish to be with you always.

~Craven Dukes

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