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Xbox achievement

User : maribow
Submitted on : Dec 18, 2011
Love. how overrated. How bland now-a-days. What is even love? Can you answer me that? What is the definition of love in this day and age?
I'll tell you. Lust. Lust is the definition of love in today's society. The only true love I see anymore is parent and child. That is the only true love I know.
There is no such thing as love at first sight. Love is an achievement. Think of it as you are playing Xbox. Your goal is to unlock achievements. Love is like unlocking an achievement on Xbox.
Love is something you grow into. When you're with someone for so long, you acquire a need for them in your life. They fill a void.
And infatuated person is never themselves around their significant other. They put on a mask and act like something they are not. That is, until they're together for so long. They get to the point where they need that person in their lives. But, they fell in love with the mask, not the person behind the it.
When the mask comes off, the problems arise. You are hurt that they aren't the person you thought they were. Why do you think so many people get divorced.
It is EXACTLY for that reason.


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