Love Poem by Adam Rutherford

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Window Fog

Submitted on : Oct 26, 2011
Was it a dream
just a passing thought of you
before we met
A man
Lost and Cold
I stood still
and said nothing
Then there rose in me
Like steam in a new day on a frozen pond
Gossamer threads of wonder
though I stumble
And there you are
More intuition than image
I feel strength from you and I recognize it
You are vapor
I feel your essence
Warming me
Soothing my frayed heart
like warm velvet on cool blue
As you tickle my memory
your thoughts clear mine
and I remember you
I remember your voice beside me
how you held my hand
telling me I am strong
when I was weak
I remember how it feels to know
you'll catch me if I fall
And laugh with me always
I'm not afraid
My soul has missed you

~Adam Rutherford

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