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True Love

Submitted on : Feb 1, 2009
True love is not meant to be,
But it is always true.
It's when you love another,
When they don't love you.

True love is a challenge,
That not all can handle
But the love that lasts forever,
Like a forever burning candle.

True love will sometimes hurt,
But has amazing healing power.
Sometimes it takes time to bloom,
Much like a beautiful flower.

True love is loving someone,
That is in love with another.
Waiting, hoping and praying,
To be loved by them and no other.

True love is accepting its grasp,
And dealing with its consequence.
Pain, suffering, sadness and joy,
It may not ever make sense.

True love is going out on a limb,
To show another your devotion.
To show them another side of you,
To be vulnerable and show emotion.

True love is calling their voicemail,
Just to hear their beautiful voice.
Many would stop if they could,
If their heart gave them a choice.

True love is never giving up,
On the one you love true.
That's why I'll never give up,
I'll never give up on you.

~Jerik Middleton

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