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User : Livi
Submitted on : Feb 21, 2013

You stand alone
A silhouette against the sun
You’re bathed in the glory
The world to shun
I watch your hand
Raised for those
Saluting the fallen
While you arose
To see the new day
And bathe the earth in tears
And say goodbye to all your hopes
And embrace your fears
This is who you are
And this is who I adore
This is who I live,
And who I’d die, for
I listen to these sounds
I feel the pulling waves
I listen to the Gull
As it flies above the caves
The swoop of the wings
And the call of the wild
The high screeching yell
And the crooning child
The fall in the flight
The dive and the soar
The howl of the winds
And the waves-how they roar!
The shattering scream
Of the new-born bird
The chattering beaks
And the chicks first word
They fall through the clouds
And dance with grandeur
The beauty is seen
In all its splendour
I see the magic
I feel the love
I hear the calls
From up above
This is my world
This is my time
Without you though it wouldn’t be mine


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