Love Poem by Arika Rosenbalm

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To My Love!

Submitted on : May 24, 2010
When you're around my heart beats faster
The sound of my heart beats is soft and soothing
My butterflies that come and go
I only get when you are near
The love I have for you is like a rose waiting for it's turn to bloom
When I see the sunset I think of you
And your perfect smile
When I see you my thoughts tell me not to do something embarrassing
You walk by me I look
For I can't stop staring into your eyes
The thought of saying good bye makes my soul bleed
I sit here thinking of you
My thought of not being with you is like shattered glass
Sometimes it feels as if it was an image in the mirror
I try to get to that loving place but it is just out of reach
Sometimes I feel like giving up but the love I have you makes me strong
The feeling is extrme like falling off a tall building
I daze off thinking of nothing but being at your side
When you are beside me I feel like I am protected
Your sweet and kind attitude is like sugar
I want you to know my love for you is never-ending

~Arika Rosenbalm

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