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Till My Love Dies

User : Hazey heyz
Submitted on : Jul 18, 2011
I dont knw wat to do
Ur making me feel blue
The look in ur eyes
Is juz a disguise
Ive gven u everythng
But u left me w/ nothing..

Many tyms i tried to let u be
But i juz cnt set my heart free
Damn, i knw i am
For loving such a sham

I hate you today
I wish i hadnt asked u to stay
My heart is bleeding
My eyes are weeping
I have you near
But y do i fear

Our love's not meant to be
Somethng i refuse to see
Wake me up frm ths deep slumber
Evn f it means losing u forever

I can no longer stay ds way
Everyday i feel my life going away
Today i'll leave
Though i knw, forever i'll grieve

I have to be strong
For me to move along
So now i'll say gudbye
To a love i hope will soon die...

~Hazey heyz

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