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That Special Someone Is you

Submitted on : May 28, 2009
That special someone came knocking on my door
He’s fine and handsome and worthy to be adored
He has dark brown hair
Oh he looks so fair
He is so wonderful
He is so perfect
Who could that special someone be?

Is it him?
I don’t think so
Is it her?
Or possibly Jim
Who cud that special someone be?
As he slowly walks past me
And pats me on my back
I turn around
Oh Boy! I’m freaking out for a fact
Who could that special someone be?

We have come to the end
Even though it seems as if this story is just beginning
When I look the other way
I can hear the children grinning
Winding down
As I turn around
My smile is now a frown
When I hear no sound
Who could that special someone be?

He comes up to me with a big fat grin
If you won’t then I’ll begin
Will you be mine?
Until the end of time
Will you be my dear?
For special moments we will share
Our beautiful friendship has turned into love
It’ almost like a messenger in the shape of a dove
Well, I guess I’ve found the answer
Who could that special someone be?
It’s you silly
Without you I could not be me

~Tre Thompson

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