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One & Only

Submitted on : Feb 5, 2013
Angels are above in the sky
Bright & dressed in white
But I have found one
A one infront of my sight

An angel fallen on to earth
With a single look I fell right away
God I thank for such a blessing
I'm the luckiest of all I'd say

With words that sound tender
Eyes,lips so smooth
A touch that feels gentle
A spirit of a youth

Only God knows if you're to be mine
Dearest and warmest to my heart
Eventually all I need from you is a sign
Honey you were my one from the start

Breathless you leave me
As I look into your eyes
Romantic nature you have
Hoping it's my love you realise
Over lands and seas
Under rivers so low
Mountains above so high
Elsewhere on earth I go
Hanging on to your love I will be

~Yasmine Nassar

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