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My Love......

Submitted on : Jun 17, 2011
Now let the Saint step up and testify,
This is a story of a girl who is extra fly
Who made me cry within my eye,
Who I still love beyond the day I die,
I remember sitting in the park looking at your smile,
Glowing up dark, thinking of the mile thanking lady luck,
Never wanna let your hands go,
Juz wanna let you know,
you are the reason I flow,
Girl, Sitting next to you face to face,
Reminiscing how our love grew base to base,
All those ups and downs and happy days,
How I am blessed by above to be touched by your grace,
Every left has a right; every girl has a knight,
And it's you that I think about every day and night,
Time passes by but through my rhyme,
U and I will live more than a lifetime.

~Praveen Madhavan

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