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My Love For You

User : Alon Dy
Submitted on : Feb 24, 2013
My love for you is like a shadow
You won't see it but you know
It's there wherever you want to go
And whatever you like to do.

My love for you is always true.
It's never boring and it's bright blue.
It's clear as the blue sky above
Flying with instant jolt like a dove.

My love for you is like a rainbow
Green, blue, orange , indigo, yellow...
Colours that capture your God's given beauty
And whoever sees the rainbow, will cry for joy.

My love for you is simple, but not simpler.
My love for you is just plain,  yet so powerful.
My love for you that soars high and higher
Into the sky full of wonderful colours.

I dedicate this poem to my wife Dr. Gre Pearl Gay

~Alon Calinao Dy

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