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~Loving You~

Submitted on : Jul 28, 2008
~Loving You~

I am loving you today,
just like I loved you yesterday.
Every passing minute brings me
a little closer to you.
New feelings start in my heart for you,
wishing I was close by
instead of being miles away.
Just to hold you in my arms,
and tell you that... I LOVE YOU.

I wish that I could be near by
when you are feeling sick;
or just to hold you
if you are sad and blue.
Give you some comfort and love
to show you that I care.
Watch the sunsets with you,
upon those cliffs of the sea.
Be there and be with you
till the sun rises the very next day.

I am loving you today,
just like I loved you yesterday.
There are no words to explain
how I feel for you.
No language in this universe
got the right words for it.
There is no books written down
my true feelings for you.
You can only understand
if you are feeling the same way.

Oh! How I wish to be with you right now,
just to hold you and touch you.
Put my head on your shoulder
and talk through the night away.
Wake up with you into a fresh
and most beautiful day.
Give you the first kiss and tell you,
"I am here and not a dream,
because... I am Loving You sweetie,
this is all for real and I am here to stay."

J. Jeylan Egehan ©

~J. Jeylan Egehan

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