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let go

User : ptl
Submitted on : May 30, 2011
I know I am a mismatch for him...
he is fair ..iam dark

he looks young..i look old
he is very good in heart..iam very rude

he can make any gal fall for him..with his warm and tender love
I can't even get one guy turn back to me

i know im a mismatch and I have to let go..
but I cry! everyday I cry!

You told straight on my face that I'm not beautiful and look old...I thought love is suppose to be blind ! Is it not?
did you really mean it? or you wanted to show me your anger because I showed mine?

U said because of my religion u wont marry me...
but one day your friend said that for your parents nothing matters...all that matters is ur choice..and you kept quiet!

so did u really love me? or I was just a passing cloud?
I know, why would you marry me? when you can get beautiful gals in your place..
how foolish Iam foolish Iam..I thought fairytale is possible on Earth..

If you knew, u wont catch me, y did u make me fall? U have no idea how it feels, why did u do this to my HEART? I was all alone and happy..u came in, made me fall..and just Vanished? You just wanted to see my Pain?

Lord pls give me the strength to let go of my first love !
It has been a year and yet every second I think of my Love !

From u I learnt how to show love to happy whereever u r..
I will take this love to my grave...Love u baby..till the end of my days..


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