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Is This Love?

User : Alon Dy
Submitted on : Mar 15, 2013
When I wake up this morning,
The sun is shinning,
The birds are singing,
My face is smiling,
Is this love?

You cheer me up
When I am sad.
Now that I'm glad,
You makes my heart pumps up.
Is this love?

Is this love?
When I'm thinking of you all day,
When I love you in a crazy way
And there's nothing I can say.
Is this love?

Is this love?
When I look after you quite a bit
Even though you won't admit
You are sick of it.
Is this love?

But I'm feeling this is love
'Cause I have been this way before.
You give me a good reason to live.
Tell me,
Is this love?

This poem is dedicated to my wife Dr. Gre Pearl Gay B. Dy

~Alon Calinao Dy

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