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I'm alone here..

User : Sugunes
Submitted on : Nov 18, 2010
Where are u now,
Why u left me in this sinful world,
Im still waiting for you over here
but i knew that you be back to me
even if i want to see,
I hope u're resting peacefully over there, a thousand miles far away from me,
Im being like an orphan without u,
Im getting jelous when i saw other couples walking in front of me,
I was more then 10 months u've left me & this world,
I hope to see you again in my next life and want to fall in love again on you,
Eventhough I have everyone beside me but no can replace your place in my heart,
I love you more then everything in my life, I think you should know,
But why u doubt me,
I knew about my character and myself well,
But it was really hurt, that's the reason i break with you..
But you go for wrong decison and left me forver & ever...
No matter what is it I'm always yours..
Please take me with you..
I cant bare & suffer anymore without you..
*JameSuguna 4ever in momories*


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