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I Feel A Sin Coming On...

Submitted on : Aug 31, 2009
How’d you come in with my heart safely locked?
Turned around, you were there ~ no warning, no knock.
But oh, what a sight ~ so handsome, so strong…
Now all I can feel is a sin coming on.

My thoughts start to wander ~ the room’s getting hotter…
I’m trying to control it but this feeling’s grown stronger!
My heart’s beating faster and faster and faster…
You’re sneaky! You’re cheeky!
You bad boy, you’re Master!

Do you give a drunk a drink or
if there’s fire, feed the flame?
Hypno-dizzy, feisty, frenzied ~ bad boy, you’re to blame!
But what a delight ~ so delicious, it’s wrong.
Please help me, I feel it! This sin’s coming on!

You don’t speak, you just smile ~ confident all the while.
I may melt in the heat of this burning desire!
How dare you just stand there.
Pure thoughts now defiled!
My knees growing weaker and weaker and weaker…
You know who you are ~ a bad boy, a keeper!

I can’t take anymore ~ fainting onto the floor…
Spinning and reeling ~ my god, what a feeling!
Take me now! Take me now! Baby, I’m yours!
Now is the time I’ve been waiting so long.
Oh god, I can’t stop it!
This sin’s coming on!

Copyright © 9-28-06 by Cindy McDonald

~Cindy McDonald

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