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how da love me

User : Tia $wagx2
Submitted on : Mar 25, 2013
his first thought in his mind was how to love her
even if you dont say it out loud ill answer you anyway...

you should talk to me admit that you love me
give me embracing hugs-moments we should'nt forget
and if were ready ; maybe share a kiss
spend our time together-every second if we can
share jokes then laughter and soon joyful cries
we could tell each other secrets and never have to lie
and you can be my valentine every year with candies to share
but you should never fear
ill never forget our days -even if its over
how much you learned to love
no matter how much older-were only 4 years apart
so many thangs we could be...
if only you knew how to love me......

~Tina Yang

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