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how about me? love song

User : lilth
Submitted on : May 28, 2016
how about me? how about you
Tears rolling Down
thinking that its to late to say bye, bye, bye byee--

no,no it is not right gurl gurl stand up i know whats right
no,no dont be shy come on come on i like this rthym i-i like this rthym

noo keep me awaay dont say dont say never cuz !!

how about me how about you
keep me away oooh ooooh( dont scream dont yell be Nice girl noone understand ya keep calm and hate the way the way)
keep losing my mind noone undersatnds why cuz my love runaway why but still love him but whyyyy? *reapet 1 and then do calmly and sad to the end*

~lilth kihak likam

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