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Hour Glass

Submitted on : Jun 10, 2013
As i turned the glass upside down

seeing her erased my little frown

she is a friend and also my crush

every time we talk I can't help myself to blush

minutes has passed and we're still talking

chit chatting topics of nothing

we didn't care about talking of nonsense stuff

all i know we're enjoying each other, that is enough.

the ambiance got a little serious

it was too quite for my punchline of a little circus

I gulped and was a little nervous

i told her that i love her and i was veracious (And i explained)

people I've seen still your the one that i dream

having this uncontrollable feeling of loving it has been

out of my league to feel like this

enchanted and hoping to ask for a kiss

be with me and i promise to be true

endeavoring for your simple "Yes, I love you too"

A note from the Author (to know who she is)

"6 sand grains are left at the bottom,

where there is a chance that affection can blossom,

search for her from the very start,

there you will know why she has my heart."

~Labastida R.K

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