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His Soul...

Submitted on : Jan 23, 2009
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, well how can I touch his soul?
See I know his heart's been broken, and from that his heart is cold.
I know that I could truly show him what love is all about,
and despite the past I'm one woman he'll never have to doubt.
I want to touch this man where many women forgot...
A place so deep to any being no one can really place it.
His soul...
His soul...
His soul...
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul if that's the case then his shades stay drawn,
And I am left hopeless singing the same old love song.
Because I wish for our souls to connect like puzzle pieces,
so connected I'd know his favorite cookie is Oreo and he'd know that I like Reese's.
I want us to be so tight we finish each other sentences,
and when we're apart I sleep with clothes that have your scent in it.
Still... How can I touch your soul?
How can we make music that only our ears hear, and write stories that remain untold?
I wonder if he takes me seriously and knows this is not a game,
and I don't care about the girls, popularity, or the fame.
Because I'm secure within myself, and my confidence stays strong,
That I could be down for you despite of your wrong.
Maybe because he's flawless to me...
and he could have more wrongs then rights but he'll always be sexy to me.
If I was his girl I'd stand by my beautiful black man,
and whatever his dreams are, I'd be his #1 fan.
But what long for is merely a fantasy,
and some girl is living my dream in reality.
I'm not waiting for the next lifetime I want him here and now.
And if things don't work out he knows where I can be found.
Somewhere thinking of ways to feed his precious soul,
Replenishing that broken heart turning it back to gold.

~Timera Alize'

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