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User : jj
Submitted on : Mar 24, 2010
often i sit at my room
thinkin heavily abt u
listenin to those love songs
ive broken bown on my knees
and cried all i can
wen i realized tht u were not mine to be
baby wen u knw tht this was not ment to be
u upset me n then kiss my lips
n i 4get tht i was mad at u
so i despise that i adore

baby y do u take the advantage ov me lovin u beyond the reason y
u knw tht its rong
but no one in this world knws me the way u knw me
so u will probably always ave a spell on me

i knw tht im not gonna see u again
but most evryting tht u do make me wanna smile
can i not like it fo awhile?
n u knw exactly how touch
so i dont wanna fight n fuss nomore

i cant stand how much i need you
but i jux cant let u go
n i hate that i love you


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