Love Poem by Akhila Lal

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User : Akhila Lal
Submitted on : Jun 2, 2016
And then i froze,
How could it be?
Those eyes,that laugh
Its all just right.

My heart was pounding
On and on.
Is it him?
Or my daydream.

I wanted to say..Hey.!
Where were you?
I've been waiting
For you too.

I blink once,
Twice and thrice.
You are not,
A dream i realise.

I better catch up
Is it too late?
Are you too
A hope in vain.

I have to see you
I have to let you know
Before the dull night fades
And before it ends

But then again
I froze..remember?

~Akhila Lal

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