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for bella

Submitted on : Feb 20, 2016
Bella your eyes are like the sun at sunset as it emphasizes the beauty of the world

your lips so sensuous so full so inviting like rose buds how I long to know how dey feel like how they taste like

your presense is like a rampaging tiger so terrible so deadly yet so elegant

My thoughts travel its filled with machinations of how your skin would feel like in the heat of the sun, the wet of the rain,under my arms

wondering how you'd glitter in d moonlight because let's face it your naked beauty under the moon?there's no better sight anywhere in the world

Are you fire are you ice,would you heat me up and melt me away at the snap of ur fingers so tender so soft like the clouds in the heavens

would you slowly freeze me up with pleasureable pain leaving me at your mercy

your love intrigues me no it envelopes me I'm addicted to you both your ying and yang sides I love them both

they say I shouldn't be addicted but what do dey know?.How can dey possibly know how it feels when you embrace me gently placing my head in between your breast make my breathing sync with the beating of your heart

am I obsessed? am I high?I don't know all I know is I could never feel for anything as I feel when I am around you NUMB to everything that doesn't involve you

you will forever be the light in my darkness the hope in my are more precious than all the wonders of the world.For you gave me a gift so precious "Love".


~Maduekwe obasi

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