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*****everyday love****

Submitted on : Jan 24, 2012
i love you today,
i loved you yesterday,
i will love you tomorrow,
and will love you in the future,
you are my everyday love,

your love draws me near,
and your love brings me closer,
closer to intimacy,
thats the power of your love,

you kiss me,
and take my breath away,
thanks god your my source of life,
and i cant live without you,

i see you,
and want to be with you,
tears ran down without you,
thats why you are my soulmate,

when i talk to you,
i understand myself,
i know i can live without you,
am addicted to you,

when we laugh together,
happiness makes common sense,
because my senses skyrocket,
i feel your love,

when you touch me behind my neck,
you send shivers down my spine,
and massage my heart with love,
my heart skips a beat,

the more you love me,
the more i want to be with you,
i cannot live without you,
your are my everyday love.

~the word farmer

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