Love Poem by aya al bitar

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don't abond

Submitted on : Nov 27, 2008
don't abond your love
i just want you to be abjected for it
please don't abdicate this word
it means honesty
so balanced
this word is know a badge digged on the wall of our heart
it can be sang
our love is blessed
it's not a blot
it's a bracelet of love
that'll never be broken
this word is a candor
like white clouds
filling thee sky
leave with no damage
believe with satisfaction
it's not a drolly
it's so real
be the editor of this word "love"
cause love is affective
just for hearing the word
so encouraged approaching you
don't abond love
only belie in the word "love"
love cant be abounded its so real & true

~aya al bitar

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