Love Poem by Jerik Middleton

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Submitted on : Feb 20, 2009
As the day creeps closer,
to finally being with you.
My nerves are going crazy,
I don't know what to do.

My feelings are getting stronger,
with every breath I take.
When I sleep I dream of you,
I wish I would never wake.

When I finally wake up,
you are still on my mind.
You are the most perfect woman,
A truly extraordinary find.

After looking for years,
You were right in front of me.
I regret the time we lost,
The years I couldn't see.

I wish I could give it back,
We could make up for lost time.
Those days are gone for us now,
But now our love is in its prime.

My heart is hopelessly devoted,
To the only woman I love true.
My whole heart is always yours.
I'm hopelessly devoted to you.

~Jerik Middleton

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