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Submitted on : Oct 7, 2008
I Wish

I wish you would still love me
I wish you would still hold me close
I wish you would still smile when I walked by

If only I Could make you understand
How much I loved you and how much it hurts
Then maybe just maybe you would love me back

I wish you weren't with her
I wish you wouldn't hold her so close
I wish I were blind

If I were blind I wouldn't be able to see you together
To see you hold her
To see you love her
Then you wouldn't see me cry
I miss your love so much

When I see you with her I start to tremble
And I don't know why
It just gets to me how you just walk by
Why don't you talk to me if you see me there

I wish you were still with me
I wish you would hold me close
I wish you would still love me

But all that is over now
And everything is different
I guess we have nothing now

You dropped by yesterday
Said you still loved me
I have moved on by now
I love my new chap
I have moved on from you
You wish we were still together

~Charlotte keezer

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