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An unfinished love...

Submitted on : Dec 12, 2012
What should i say about love when it comes to the pain to endure it,
Nothing changed much from the past till now which remains the same,
Yet the concept and the way of love changes throughout time,
In the darkness of my life i saw the light of change which i didn't even realize it will change my life forever,
It was so special to me till it become a part of my soul and my life,
She was an angel who showered with me hope and love which no one else did,
In the midst of the happiness that i was receiving from her i have realized one thing,
A secret that might change the course of my life,
The angel who is apart of me won't be mine forever,
Thinking about that i had no hope and energy to bear the pain and misery,
But i realize then it was not my fate nor luck to be with her yet i pursued a false hope,
Thinking that i can change what's going to happen,
All the false hope came to an end,
She went away leaving all the sweet memories and her smile within me,
There's no way for me to get her back into my life,
I just wished that i met her earlier then it should be,
At the moment she was leaving i only can see one thing and the one thing was so precious to me till now and forever,
Tears and misery followed me whenever and wherever i thought about her,
It was not a moment that i forgotten bout her yet it was a sweet pain that accompanied me all these times,
I am still having the hopes that i will be with her in my next life even though it might not happen,
Well let the false hope accompany me throughout my life within my existence,
A love that should have an happy ending ended in a dramatic way which will be called as an unfinished love.

~Nair Subaash

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