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An illness

User : Huney'Beeh
Submitted on : Oct 5, 2011
This pain in my heart that I can't explain,
Each day this pain I gain and gain
Wish you were with me
But this is what we call destiny.

You can't always get what you want
Whether its happiness or I love you on the sand
Sometimes these feelings never end
And my heart never mend

Look how beautiful heart his got
Just think of the smile his got
Or his beautiful face
Doesn't this feeling take you through space.

Why is life so unfair?
It doesn't take you anywhere
Cant explain the pain I bear
I don't even know if am here or there.

Can't explain the hurt
Can't explain this feeling
Its like I got this illness
Which went through me.

An illness you don't want to share
An illness that you can't bear
An illness that is there
An illness that is killing you each day
An illness that is killing you in every way.


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