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User : Lavika
Submitted on : Sep 21, 2013

It was, trust me; one of the longest days I have spent in my entire life... can't believe that the entire day passed by waiting for just one little thing - A CALL! A call on MAY 05 all the distance between us, a call that could have made it possible to hear your voice so that I could have felt close to you... the entire day there was just one person in my thoughts and no doubt it was - YOU!
I was clearly thinking of what all we could do on your arrival... how our future would be... what would it be if you would have been here with me... what all we would have spoken about... wondering what all would we do... when would you tell your family about 'US'...what would we be doing next year on the same day... how would it be to be with you in the same room when we get married... how many children we would have...wondering why didn't you call me up... would our relation be same forever... how would it be when you join your college in Calcutta...which billing scheme would I take...getting tensed that when your college starts things wouldn't be same...hardly calls during'll be busy with college, assignments, projects, presentations, regular studies for 'OUR' future to be secure... how would it be when you won't be there to wet my would I live without meeting you for days, MONTHS!!!!!!!!!
What would be my life without MY LOVE- MY BESTFRIEND, MY TRUE FRIEND, MY DEAR DEAR HUBBY, MY LOVE, MY SHONU, MY SAB KUCH yaar! I want you to make it to the best college no matter where it is...I want you to learn a lot...I want you to be MY MAN! I want you to get all the success in this world...I want you to get all the happiness of the world...And most of all I want you to be satisfied by all the aspects of your life...I want you to get all the best possible things in life...I want you to get all the luck and happiness be it anything like- best car, best house, best job, best family life, best children, best wife (Even if it's not me!)...I just wonder at times as do I really deserve you? Or it's just a game of life...cause if it is...It would be the greatest doom...but if we are actually meant to be together - There can't be a better blessing than this...I really want you...and I really wish that I could provide you with everything you desire just like a PERFECT WIFE does... I want to be that very perfect wife of MY Chtr GS! I want to love till eternity...I want to be that ONE in your life...the one with whom you don't need anybody else...
Baby I just want to let you know that I LOVE YOU A LOT!!! And it is an asset that would never depreciate...its value would go on increasing...moment by moment...minute by by day...and as the years pass by...It might so happen that with time, the scope in my career expand... It might happen that I have a lot of people to deal with...many things consuming my precious time...Many other things that might occupy my mind...But trust me that you are not only in my mind but in my heart, and my soul... and nothing else could ever replace that...may be I'll get busy in projects but you would be loved more and more day by day...And I know that you knew this always, and I am saying this not because you wana hear it, but coz I want to tell you this for my satisfaction...I'll break my mental barriers that at times drive us apart...and I'll do just for my chtr, my Love!!
Know what, people say that I have changed... YES may be your love has changed me...or may be it has helped me to discover a side of me that I dint know existed...The girl I have turned habits, my nature, my prospect towards things and world...everything has just changed...OH MY GOD!!! you know what have you just killed someone...
And maybe that's the reason you call me your baby...because you have given me birth...a new girl...your swtu...and I can refer you to a mother as I can feel myself inside you...whenever you say that you love me...
And your baby loves you a lot...more than herself...and will ALWAYS do...
Yours only, forever love...


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