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As close as I can get

User : iamlaith
Submitted on : Apr 22, 2014

As I write this, I grow frustrated as no words can truly express how i feel about you. My words can only say so much and could never justify how truly beautiful you are, in all that you are, in every single way.

I have seen you happy and also sad, your ups and down, im always going to be here for you to pick you up when you fall. I will gladly deal with the bad days just to catch a glimps of you smile on the good days.

To be happy is to be near you, in your absence I am unsettled. I can truly say I have fallen for you and every time I look at you I fall deeper.

There is little I desire in this life, to spend it with you would be better than anything else it has to offer, better than all the riches it posseses


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