Would you call this flirting?

12 years ago

Okay well, me and this guy was standing in the room and I had on some dog tags and they were kinda near my boobs and he grabs them and looks at them and goes oh.. then later on we was wrestling and I stood up and tucked my hair behind one of my ears and I thought the other side was already behind my ear and all but he reached up and pushed it behind my ear.. then the other day we was sittin on the couch and he kept moving his foot which was by my side and the he kept pokin me with his toe and makin a noie.. what would you call all this and if you think its flirting what should I do?? lol I need advice big time.
And the noise he was makin was kinda like a fartin noise or when u put your tongue between your lips and blow a lil bit lol!!(: but yeahh it was somekinda noise

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  • 12 years ago

    To make it a bit clearer he grabbed my dogtags and not my boobs lol

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Love Poem - Roses Are Red And Violets Are Blue

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Roses are red violets are blue
Hearts are loving but mine's for you
I love you the same as god's love
And hope you'd love me the same too