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7 years ago

Me an Stanley has been dating for 1 month so far and a couple days i really love him but its hard to tell him i need time to myself , but its hard for him to realize it i guess, he says he love me but i ask to myself, "Do he really love me or just in it for sex/my body? See the thing is im a virgin and i want to trust him but its another guy at my school and he makes me feel happy and buys me everything . for example; i would say i want a big ass teddy bear and next thing you know he goes all out with his money and buy me that very big special teddy bear, who should i love and date??? Remember i want to date a guy that make feel like a queen and very happy in our relationship. So who should i choose?

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" For you see, each day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. "

- Rosemonde Gerard» Love Quotes

Love Poem - LOVE

Author: Mandi★★★
What is Love
Does any body know
All i know is i think i'm in love
When i see him i get butterflies
I stare at him constantly ...(Cont.)