What am i suppose to do?? I Love him! Help me please!!!!

10 years ago

i am 14 years old and my boyfriend is 17 and my parents don't want me dating a 17 year old but he makes me happy and i don't know what to do. he wrote me a letter and it says.... I know you still have feelings for Austin and that your parents don't want you dating an older guy but I'm going to say your the best thing that's happen to me. in the past few years my life has been shit my family doesn't really give a shit about me anymore that's why you and everyone else here makes me happy because my family makes me feel like shit everyday that's why my friends are my family you made me smile everyday that's one reason i wake up everyday cause i have something good to come to and i said i love you cause i did and your the first girl i said that to but its okay you were just my reason to get up everyday so i could see you smile and be happy but anyway its okay.

Love Brandon

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burn to the 5th degree
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