what ahould i do?

8 years ago

His mom Don't allow me in his life. Actually his mom was our class tea her I'm school as well as my tuition teacher also. One day me and my all friends went to his home because there was his mother's birthday. There we all were sharing about ours boyfriends and mistookly one of my friend Told he about me and his son. From then she knew about it. After that for some problems she left the school. And her son became my boyfriend without any obstacles. And a few days ago when I messaged him his mother saw that and took his phone from himself. But after she gave her also but she told him clearly not to do anything else with me. I mean not continue the relationship with me. And force fully he had to break the realtuon with me. Now say what can I do?

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" "People say money can buy anything then why is it i cannot buy your love and make it only for me?" "

- Jharana C. (im only 12 ._.)» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Never

Author: Maribow★★★
I miss the man I've never seen
His smile I've never gazed upon
His touch I've never felt
His arms that were never around me
His kiss which never lingered upon my lips ...(Cont.)