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my boyfriend asked so what stage we on?? I don't know the stages..... what is the stages?please tell me!!

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    1: Non verbal flirting 2: Verbal flirting 3: Introductions (first few dates) 4: Seeing each other (No expectations or tags have been set out by either party) 5: Dating (Part 1/3) (expectations to see each other regularly, no exclusivity) 6: Dating (Part 2/3) (Now exclusive to each other) 7: Dating (Part 3/3) (What most people define as going 'serious' now with tags (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Note : The following occur at different parts in stages 3-7: a) sex b) meeting friends c) meeting family d) toothbrush etc at others place of residence Then honeymoon stage: engagement, cohabitation, sex is still frequent and enjoyable, kissing for no reason The newlywed stage: same as above with less frequency comfortable stage: above is not as frequent, kisses are on a schedule or as a goodbye or sorry's. The 'norm': Sex is now almost scheduled or completely random, kisses are random or scheduled (Think have a good day at work kisses) this is usually where the desire for a "man-cave" develops The 'ehh' stage: Not fighting but has minor resentments or some apathies for one another. Arguing stage: Arguing happens more then once a week, someone has slept on the couch at least one or twice.

    From here: Depending on your actions, it can go a lot of ways. this is just my general opinion for the most part.

" when i saw you that very first minute of that very first day, when you smiled the most beautiful smile ever, when you kissed ... " » Full Quote

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True love is not meant to be,
But it is always true.
It's when you love another,
When they don't love you.
True love is a challenge, ...(Cont.)