unable to show love

9 years ago

how can i express my love to my boyfriend? i'm in expeienced i love my boyfriend but when it comes me me showing how much i love him i clueless i need major help with this cab u guys give me some tip on what to do?

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  • personally i would show in the way that you feel most comfortable. you see what i have to do with mine is i have to sit him down and talk to hi about it

    you can do this


  • 9 years ago

    Hello, How do you show your boyfriend you love him, personally I think you show him by not having sex straight out the box! But then I would sound like you father or mother. You show him by finding your favorite love song on facebook and let him know that he was on your mind when you heard it, if he plays sport go with him for support, find out what kind of foods he like his favorite games and just have day whenever you spend time together find ways to play with his hair, hands, and from time to time let him know how much you love the way he looks at you when no one else is looking, when he is around his friends give him his space but when he brings you along make his boys and the girls jealous and wish they where in love like the two of you. when he calls you tell him he has a sexy voice. well I hope this helps make sure that you are safe when it comes to expressing a physical love it's important not to rush things because it will come naturally, but when it does make sure you are both protected.

  • 9 years ago

    मै तुम से बहुता Pyar करता हुँ I.Love you Mesh Rani

" I don't ask for much, because with you i have everything "

- Unknown» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Trying To Get Close To You

Author: Aldersmithy-Boy-Boy★★★
I try and try but you see me no more than a
You don't know i have these feelings for you.
Sometimes i think it's the end.
But i still know that my love is true. ...(Cont.)