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9 years ago

Does Jamie Braun love me and does he want to be a couple? We have know each other since High School. I have had several bad relationships he has had a few. is this a compatible relationship?

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  • 9 years ago

    Hello, I'm often asked this question when it comes to relationships, How do you know if it's the right one for you, or how do you compare it to a previous relationship, Or what I like to call drama, Now I love a good drama just as much as the next person and for you lovers out there no I'm not talking about a movie or acting. What I mean is this that It's not fair to you or the person you love to compare all the relationships in the past to the one you want to start, or in. because it causes you to miss out on the one that is suppose to last a life time because you can't live in the past. And two no one likes to be a second choice or just reminded that you've had better. the truth is we love who we love compared to nothing because it's real.

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Love Poem - Love You

Author: Rikki Chadwick★★★★
When I walked up to you i just knew
when I first saw you
I knew what I had to do
and when you said you didn't like me
I said I won't give up ...(Cont.)