suggestion to my rejection

10 years ago

igot a friend she was so expressive to me that i thought that she may accept my praposal but the thing gonre wrong i praposed a her but she rejected me and praposed my friend there luv success they r happy now but i am dieing daily think about her but she always tells i have selected a wrong way but i cant cum from back whats the meaning of it she luvs me or him suggest me

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    10 years ago

    Hi Arpith,

    I think she's a little confused, she used to love the other guy and not you, but now she feels she's made the wrong choice, she feels she loves you instead. She needs a little time to think. Maybe give her some space to get her mind cleared.
    Hope this helps...

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Author: Abel majadibodu★★★★★
is my heart that beats for nothin,is my love
that keep me waitin,maybe it was my last
chance,what if i lose that chance?she is
failin to hear what i gat,she talks about
tomorrow and i start losin hope,i blow it ...(Cont.)