Should I stay or go away?

6 years ago

I've been in a relationship with him for 6 months .. but throughout our relationship, its look like he's not loving me, he makes me feel lonely and he hurt me, my heart is broken apart, I'm crying all night just because of that. But i'm confused. He's love me or nah? cause his friends said that he is talking about me everyday.. but he makes me feel like a trash. He's not always with me. Should I leave him because I love myself? or should I stay because I love him? Its so hurt :'(

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" Behind every girls smile, there is a boy who put it there. "

- Unknown.» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Princess

Author: Charies alcoseba★★
this how our story started
and i don't like it to be ended
the memories which i could reminisce
and in my heart it will be embraced
i thought that no one tear as apart ...(Cont.)