5 years ago

hi, i am 42 years old married man and in love with a 22 year unmarried girl, we love each other....and enjoy company of each other. we used to do foreplay and i use to finger her vagina, till june she used to like it but after moving to a different company, she has lost all interest amd avoiding me, can you help me what to do.....should i leave her as she is not ready to marry and neither ready for sex

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" One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; That word is love "

- Sophocles» Love Quotes

Love Poem - Reason To Stare

Author: Terio Ruiz ★★★
My dream of you drives away my nightmare
Your spit polishes the roof of my mouth
I am spoiled by your tender, love and care
Our direction is up north not south
Could I picture my being without you? ...(Cont.)