my love

9 years ago

I love her, but still don't know what she feels about me, I love her too much, she gives smile and she tries to look at me sometimes like she is searching me , but I don not dare to tell her that how much I love her from 1 year, I am really mad for her

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  • 9 years ago

    Here's a point when two people smile at each other and exchange eye contact sounds like it's time for a date, or a letter with some slow music from you tube. let me know how it goes, or how it turns out, in the mean time find what moves her and summon her out on a date. (sorry for summon just send an invitation)

" "From the moment i saw you i just knew, Those stunning eyes so deep, enduring and true, from that moment i fell in ... " » Full Quote

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Love Poem - I Wrote Your Name

Author: Ally★★★
i wrote ur name in a box but some babies
ripped it apart i wrote ur name on my table
but an adult washed it away i wrote ur name
in my love for u and it stayed no matter what