love failure

8 years ago

I am K.Mangal, i felt in love with a same caste girl from 8 years ,both we together very good reletionship and love ..we used to say like if we miss together both will die like ,from 8 years we broke our love 3 times and again we started deeply and last week i said her parents and she also said her parents..but parents are not agreing at all completly regecting us she is avoding me and borken heart .she is not ready to convince and she is nt cooperating with succes..from one week am thinking about her no sleep and no food ...its really feel to am in a abroad and very good position but their parents are not accepting...plese advise me please advice me :[email protected]

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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like a Romeo and Juliet thing, or maybe it's just that both parents feel that you are both to young to know what love is, or feel that what you both share is just a fling or temporary. The issues with love is that when two people fall in love the whole world has issues especially parents who have to come along for the ride whether they want to or not. the only answer that comes to mind is to have them accompany you both on dates both of you take turns spending time with each others family to get to know them and do things for both sides that make them happy.

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