My alone full love

9 years ago

hi I am student. i am in love with a girl. she is my classmate. she know about my love feeling. i have been loving to her for 3 year. but she is not involve any relation with me because her language is different and surrounding also different . she want to friendship but i dont want make friend with her i love her true and real what should i do? tell me

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  • 9 years ago

    Tell to her....Don't waste time...If She Agrees no problem otherwise later you suffer a lot..Without communication you can't take any decision..

  • 9 years ago

    Are you sure you're truly in love and not just obsessively crushing? There's a difference. 3 years now and hasn't done anything to be with you... If her language is different and also her surroundings, you have to adapt to it. IF you really want her that bad, be friends with her first. Try to get to know each other. When you do and she still won't budge, then maybe you should just move on.

" Love is not about how many times u say "I LOVE U" but how much u can prove it is true!!! "

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Love Poem - A Fantasy Of It's Own

Author: JJ's Babiie Girl★★
A dream to find a love so real
That something special only we can feel
Wantin it to last until the end of time
Knowin I'm all your & you're all mine
Something that feels so right ...(Cont.)