11 years ago

what can i do if the man i love is married how can i make him love me back and i realy want some advice cause i realy want to be with him.

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  • 11 years ago

    i dnt thnk ths wud b nice wen his wife is thr....u r realy distrbd by him..these r juz infatuations..dnt wry nd try to b away frm him...u wil b okay...!! :)

" "Love comes from the bottom of your heart......... and i promise you it will never end it will always start" "

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Love Poem - EveryDaay X

Author: Shannon ★★★
Everyday i think about you
even know you wouldnt think im
telling the truth, Hurnts to say i
will always feel this way hoping
one day you will feel the same