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10 years ago

My husband married me this year in January. After marriage (spending 10 days together), He went back to USA and I stayed in India as I had to finish my study. In starting, My husband showed a lot of love and affection towards me. however, He also started meeting to his X-girlfriend as i was not there with him. and after few months, he started saying that "he married to me under pressure and wanted to go back to his x-girlfriend. He took wrong decision".

My husband is impulsive in nature and change decision quickly also. His girlfriend pressurized him to say your wife to move out because we both are happy together and love each other.

When I got to know I went to USA to stay with him because my elders said if you stay with him then that problem automatically sort out. Although I pressurized my husband to stay with me, yet later on I decided to leave him. However, when he got to know, he stopped me and told me "stay here and give me some time". That does not mean he started loving me. He still thinking about that girl and gives more respect her than me.

My deep feeling have created towards him and but I am also angry over him.

Few days ago, his x-girlfriend left him. but he still do not want to stay with me.

I am not getting what should I do..I love him but he does not understand.this... He wants to stay alone right now.

Requesting you to give me suggestions openly. My mind is not working.

Looking for a Reply.


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